After US F-35 Jets Deal Collapses Turkey Likely to Buy Fighters From Pakistan

After US F-35 Jets Deal Collapses Turkey Likely to Buy Fighters From Pakistan

Turkey is looking to buy or Block III JF-17 Thunder fighter aircrafts and Chengdu J-10C semi-stealth 4.5-gen. Advanced multirole fighters from Pakistan following its agreement in partnership with Lockheed. Martin for the purchase of 100 fifth-generation F-35 aircrafts fell apart because of US sanctions.

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Pakistan is considering its options following the fact that its arch-neighbor, Greece, completed the purchase of Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft from France and Pakistan being the best-placed supplier , considering the relationship between the two nations.

The US had withdrawn Turkey off the F-35 fighter program and claimed. It was because Turkey S-400 missile system was incompatible with NATO’s missile system and could expose. The next generation of F-35 aircraft to Russian tricks.

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In December of 2020, the US had formally imposed sanctions against Turkey in exchange for purchasing its Russian S-400 missile, instead of Raytheon’s US-made Patriot Missile System.

In the year 2017, Turkey had purchased the Russian S-400 long-range air-to-surface missile system via the sanctioned Russian export company Rosoboronexport. The country received its first delivery of the system in July 2019 , and then tested the system in the month of October in 2020.

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The US has imposed sanctions against Turkey in accordance with the Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). That made Turkey as the only NATO member to be subject to US penalties under the CAATSA law.

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