Lahore CTD conducts raids in different cities of Punjab after Johar Town blast

Lahore CTD conducts raids in different cities of Punjab after Johar Town blast

Thursday’s raid by the Counter-Terrorism Department in Punjab was a day after the Johar Town blast that left three people dead and many others injured.

Sources say that CTD and other investigative agencies have begun geo-fencing areas. However, the blast occurred, and began collecting evidence.

The blast site contained evidence such as ball bearings, iron pieces, and vehicle parts.

Sources say that CTD took several suspects into custody after yesterday’s explosion.

A vehicle carrying explosives was set on fire in Johar Town, near Hafiz Saeed’s home. Police claimed that militants were responsible for the explosion.

3 killed and 21 hurt in Lahore’s Johar Town explosion

Sources told Wednesday that Inspector General Punjab Inam Ghani received a preliminary report from an investigation by agencies.

Sources said that the report would be presented to Punjab Usman Buzdar, Chief Minister.

According to the initial report, more than 30 kg of explosives were used in blast.

However, The bomb used ball bearings, nails and other explosives.

Initial reports stated that the material was placed on a car and that the device had been detonated remotely.

According to the report, a 3-foot-deep and 8-foot-wide crater have formed at the blast site.

Rather than, Within a radius of 100 feet, the blast had caused extensive damage.

Was Hafiz Saeed the target?

IGP Ghani believes that the attack on police was a targeted attack. Therefore, He had spoken to the media shortly following the explosion and advised that people not to listen to any rumors.

The IGP informed the media that the CTD was investigating the incident and will share a detailed report about the nature and use of the material.

He stated that he was not certain what caused the explosion. However, it was a plant device or a suicide blast.

Ghani responded to a question about Hafiz Saeed, the leader of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), being the target. Therefore, He said that there was a picket of police near the house of a high-value victim. This is why the vehicle couldn’t have been near the house. Reported that he believes the police were being targeted.

Rather than, He didn’t provide any additional information about the high-value target.

He said, “You should be grateful to the police.”

Ghani pledged to arrest the terrorists.

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