Deadly train crash claims 50 lives in Sindh Ghotki

Deadly train crash claims 32 lives in Sindh Ghotki

Deadly train crash claims 50 lives in Sindh Ghotki: At least 50 people have been killed and 100 injured in a train crash at Sindh’s Ghotki.

Ghotki SSP Umar Tufail has shown that the death toll but also has said it may increase.

The Millat Express, on its own approach to Lahore, also Sir Syed Express, Returning to Karachi, collided near the Mirpur Mathello railway station.

Rescue teams rushed to the scene to recover the passengers stranded at the train bogies.

The Pakistan Army has united the rescue performance.

A spokesperson for Pakistan Railways advised AFP a train heading from Karachi to Sargodha, derailed to a track carrying support from Rawalpindi in the contrary course.

“Many people are murdered and several others trapped indoors,” the official said.

Mobile phone footage shown on tv by your website showed mangled wreckage. A few green Pakistan railroad carriages lying around their own side.

Rail accidents are most common in Pakistan. Which totaled tens of 1000s of kilometers of track and trains from former colonial power Britain.

But the network has seen decades of reduction because of corruption, mismanagement, and lack of investment.

At the least 75 people died when a train caught fire while traveling out of Karachi to Rawalpindi at October 20-19.

Two trains carrying hundreds of passengers in Karachi in 2016, killing 21 people.

PM Imran Khan wants complete evaluation’ of Ghotki train crash

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his despair and sorrow over the dreadful train crash in Ghotki.

In a tweet on Monday,” PM Khan asked the ministry for railways to make it to the site. Ensure medical aid to the wounded and service for families of the deceased.

In addition, he ordered a”comprehensive investigation” into railway safety fault lines.

Information, help centers set up by Pakistan Railways

Two information centres are set up at the Karachi division for information about this crash, a spokesperson for the Pakistan Railways said.

Therefore, The Karachi it’s possible to be contacted around 0331-2716334 and 0300-3754200. As it’s possible to get in touch with the Hyderabad center on 022-9200483, 022-9200258, 022-9200678 along with 022-9200674.

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