Indian Player Mohammad Shami abused online after Pakistan historic victory

Indian Player Mohammad Shami abused online after Pakistan historic victory

A stream of social media criticism was directed at India’s one Muslim player, cricketer Mohammad Shami, after his team was defeated by rivals Pakistan during Cricket’s T20 World Cup.

The violence of the Muslims within India is also being reported in the wake of the eloquent 10-wick win on Sunday. It was Pakistan’s first win match against India in any World Cup.

The 31-year-old Shami was the primary victim following the defeat in Dubai despite the fact that India captain Virat Kohli acknowledged that his team was “outplayed”.

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A plethora of messages were posted by Mohammad Shami Instagram account, saying that the he had been the definition of a “traitor” and should be exiled from his Indian team.

Many fans and politicians were also in support of the player, calling for Indian athletes to remain neutral and not accept hatred messages. Just as they had supported on the Black Lives Matter movement by making a knee.

Team India your BLM knee-taking counts for nothing if you can’t stand up for your teammate. Who is being horribly abused and trolled on social media. Omar Abdullah who was a former chief minister in Indian Occupied Kashmir posted on Twitter.

“Ignore the haters, most of India’s grateful for your effort,” added another fan on Instagram.

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People have set off celebratory gunfires within Pakistan. Pakistani city in Islamabad and Karachi after the infamous win as hundreds of people lit fireworks in IoK.

Gautam Gambhir Gautam Gambhir, an ex- India cricketer in the Test team. Who is now an MEP for the government’s Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, said. It was “shameful” that people were celebrating Pakistan’s victory.

In Punjab state, state students from Kashmir claimed they were beaten.

A student from an engineering and technology school reported that dozens of men with batons and hockey sticks at them. While they watched the final moments during the final stages of the tournament.

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“They entered our room, switched off the lights and beat us. They destroyed our laptops,”

The game also provoked violence in neighboring Bangladesh. There were two Pakistan supporters were assaulted by India fans who were celebrating the victory in a southern district, reports in the media stated.

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