Muhammad Hasnain Gets Emotional While Leaving PSL 2022 After Ban

Muhammad Hasnain Gets Emotional While Leaving PSL 2022 After Ban

Muhammad Hasnain Gets Emotional While Leaving PSL 2022 After Ban

Muhammad Hasnain became emotional telling his teammates goodbye following being banned for bowling in violation of the law action. The fast-bowler of the future expressed his grief and anger over the punishment imposed by ICC in a statement that he has did not realize there was a problem with his style of bowling.

In a video that reminisces about his journey from street cricket to a T20I Hat-trick of the century, Mohammed expressed his feelings about his lows and highs in a touching video that was released from Quetta Gladiators. In a conversation about his bowling technique. The young pacer revealed Before playing Big Bash League I played lots of cricket. I had no idea that my arm would turn beyond 15 degrees. I didn’t think that this could occur.”

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In a statement that described the incident as a shambles Muhammad Hasnain stated. Even when they first confronted me about the error in the bowling actionI was not convinced that it was a matter of fact. I viewed my own videos to verify and didn’t believe it at all.”

Speaking about the ban Muhammad Hasnain said, “When I returned to Pakistan due to PSL I took an examination here. It was during PSL matches when suddenly ICC declared that I could not continue playing since I was exiled for a certain time.”

Muhammad Hasnain expressed his disappointment at the sudden ending of Muhammad Hasnain expressed his disappointment over the abrupt end of PSL 7 journey. The 21-year old pacer wrote:

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“I believed that I would take part in the final match with my best effort and win the game in my favour for the team. This fixture was with Islamabad United and they told Saifi Bhai (Sarfaraz Ahmad) to’stop Hasnain temporarily. As he will not be a part of the match today and I was sitting next to him. As I was fixing the laces, next to where they were delivering the story to Saifi Bhai as I was required to bowl in the warm-up. After hearing that, I thought I shouldn’t have allowed myself to take part in this final match. Since this was an extremely painful moment for me.”

Muhammad Hasnain became emotional and said “I am going to leave PSL I am leaving my team. It’s extremely difficult for me personally.”

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Even though he was sad Muhammad Hasnain expressed a desire to return in the near future. Quetta Gladiators’ shining star is confident of repairing the flaws and have his bowling actions cleaned up by ICC.

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