NA 133 By Polls PTI candidates disqualified

NA 133 By Polls PTI candidates disqualified

The controversy surrounding by-polls in the NA 133 election was given an entirely new turn as the PTI government requested to the Election Commission to postpone the elections. While the PMLN opposed this request calling it a deliberate move by the PTI to elude the by-elections because of the fear of losing.

A report on possible disqualification for PTI candidates Jamshed Iqbal Cheema and his cover candidate, the wife Mussarat Cheema. Because the their proposers’ votes were not within the electoral district. The Election Commission Saturday announced disqualification of both candidates.

Sources within the PTI circles suggested that the nomination of proposers from a different constituent was due to an internal conflict within the PTI leadership, however the leaders denied this earlier.

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This past Saturday PMLN has also rejected the demands from The Punjab government to delay the NA 133 by-election, on the reason of the ongoing protests of Tehreek-eLabaik-Pakistan, which is banned (TLP).

The PMLN’s senior leader Kh Saad Rafique as well as MNAs Ali Pervaiz Malik and Naseer Bhutta, held a presser Saturday to deny the demand from government officials from the Punjab government.

Saad claimed that the government was using excuses to delay the NA 133 by-election because they knew that it would suffer an embarrassing defeat in this election. Saad said that there was no reason to delay the by-election. TLP protest was happening around 200km away from Lahore and had nothing to do with relate to the by-elections that took place in NA-133.

The government did not remember the law-and-order situation before it was time for the Election Commission released the schedule. But when objections were raised about those who backed PTI Candidate Jamshed Iqbal Cheema. His co-candidate Musarrat Cheema, the government began making excuses.

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“If elections can be held during corona, then why not now?” He challenged and said that the laws enacted by the ordinance could be challenged. They are not legal, they do not have legal standing and that the present administration was a result of manipulation, and the election that our cousin Shaista Pervaiz was guaranteed.

The former minister claimed that the electoral arena was prepared and the government had decided to leave. He stated that over the last three and a quarter years the largest province in the country was devastated. He also said that false excuses should not impact the schedule of elections.

At the time The MNA Ali Pervaiz Malik said after Jamshed Iqbal’s nomination papers the PTI began making excuses.

In the meantime, PTI’s Candidate Jamshed Cheema along with party leader Ijaz Chaudhry held an event in the press and announced that the party will go to any legal forum to challenge the technical error.

Senator Ijaz Chaudhry stated that the blame was on Election Commission and Nadra as all the votes of relatives of people. Who proposed Jamshed Cheema were recorded in NA-133, but only two votes from the family were transferred to NA-130.

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“Did the voters apply for shifting of their votes,” asked the voter and added that the party will contest the voter list. The shifting of votes to different areas without providing any information to the voters through the Election Commission.

In response to a question, Ijaz stated that he was planning to present his son to be a candidate for NA 133. Jamshed Iqbal Cheema said there was no disagreement among the party’s leaders. The candidate for the party who was a the majority of the party. He appealed to his supporters and the voters to remain positive and promised. He would be able to get some relief from the tribunal for election on the issue of rectifying this error.

“We will contest the election and will win,” said the PMLN leader, adding that in the event that the PMLN believed it was a well-liked party in the area. Then it should rescind its stance and demonstrate sporting spirit by requesting to the Election Commission to allow him to run in the by-elections.

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