Negotiations between TLP and Government successful: sources

Negotiations between TLP and Government successful

The talks between the Federal government and banned Tehrik-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) have been successful citing reliable sources the Sunday.

According to sources, there were talks on Friday evening with the TLP leadership and the delegation of the government. TLP leadership. The TLP leadership was represented by the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser as well as MNA Ali Mohammad Khan, and the leader of the banned group, Saad Rizvi, was also in the discussions.

Sources told us that disputes with the TLP and government TLP have been resolved according to the agreement TLP members. Who have protested in the streets of GT Road for the last few days will then stop their sit-ins, as a result of which. Employees of the banned outfit will be released once the legal requirements are met.

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Sources have informed us FM Qureshi, Qaiser, Khan and Mufti Muneeb-ur Rehman will host an event today to discuss the specifics.

A few days earlier Prime Minister Imran Khan had stated that he would appreciate that religious scholars play the role of bridges between the government and the TLP as. He was not in the mood for bloodshed, but insisted that there should be no compromise in the security of the country and the writ of the government.

In the meantime, roads were shut and traffic was halted throughout Wazirabad on Saturday while TLP protesters were confined to in the city on a second consecutive day.

The prime minister was observant during a discussion with a group of religious leaders and scholars on Saturday. The prime minister stressed that security and peace are the best interest of all. The religious scholars demanded negotiations to get out of the current situation.

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At the time of the meeting, the Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that the removal from the French ambassador isn’t the solution to any issue and he should not be removed. He said that fighting France can lead to isolation of Pakistan internationally.

The prime minister also stated that the case of the banned TLP chief Saad Rizvi are before the courts. If the court allows Saad Rizvi, they’ll be able to do so without objection. “No one can blackmail me, nor will I be blackmailed,” the judge said as he pointed out the police were not allowed to shoot, the shooting was fired by the opposing side.

Imran said to his fellow members of the Ulema that they have to persuade the (TLP) members to abstain from bloodshed and to not use violence. Imran said they shouldn’t (TLP) employ violence, nor should they compel the state to resort to force. He also assured that the Ulema government that they will not hesitate to accept the legitimate demands of the TLP.

There were reports that at first, the group of Ulema was unable to meet his counterpart in the presence of the federal ministers following when the pm instructed the delegation not to take part in talks. For their part, Ulema informed him that the premier wasn’t being informed of the actual situation since statements by officials were aggravating the situation. Full powers must be granted to negotiate.

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In a subsequent chat with media representatives following the meeting, the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Pir Noorul Haq Qadri announced. That a eleven-member committee comprised of Ulema and Mashaikh was formed that would stay engaged with federal government as well as the TLP leaders.

He also noted his counterpart, the premier stated that talks with a serious tone would always be welcomed. The minister, who seemed optimistic, stated that the situation would be improved soon. “I am quite hopeful that by the blessings of Allah Almighty, there would be betterment in the situation after the participation of the Ulema in the process,” he said. He argued that the process will move ahead. Minister Imran said that the Premier Imran is optimistic that in the near future the solution will be identified to solve the problem.

“The minister is telling lies,” was his sharp response to a question. He was asked about the fact that the prime minister didn’t have information regarding an earlier agreement that was signed by TLP. Qadri stated that he would never could sign an agreement with no approval from his prime minister. Former federal minister PTI Senator Faisal Vawda said that the PM was not aware of the agreement , and was a part of the final decisions. Senator Faisal Vawda from Karachi added that the deal was completely incorrect.

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