No-Trust Move Against PM: What makes the Chaudhrys so important?

No Trust Move Against PM

The success or failure of the opposition’s no- trust move against PM Imran Khan depends substantially on the decision of the PMLQ.

Still, the no- trust move against PM is anticipated to be a failure, If the Chaudhrys of Gujrat side with the high minister. Still, in case they decide to back the opposition’s move, the survival of the government will be extremely delicate.

The PMLQ’s figures in the public assembly do, of course, matter, both for the government and the opposition. But more importantly, what the Chaudhrys decide will be considered a‘ signal’from the powers that be.

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Informed sources say that the Chaudhrys are still importing their options. They’re nearly covering the political situation without revealing their cards. According to a PMLQ source, the party leadership is also keenly watching and awaiting some crucial developments within the government.

The anticipated development, if it happens, would spark matters and help the Chaudhrys make their decision. 

Knowing the significance of the Chaudhrys and their connections in the given situation, both the PTI and the opposition are working hard to invite them to their separate sides.

The Chaudhrys, still, have been indistinctive so far because they themselves aren’t clear about what will be on the real front.

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The Chaudhrys are meeting everyone who visits them. Their response to every preamble is calculated. They had a number of meetings with opposition leaders but their decision remains pending. On Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Imran Khan met them and then too no assurance or commitment was made.

After the meeting, the government side fed the media with the information that the Chaudhrys offered full support to Imran Khan and that they would not side with the opposition in a no- trust move.

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As soon as similar stories started appearing on Television channels the same evening, a PMLQ source told The News that all similar stories were untrue.

This pressman was also told that the issue of a no- trust stir wasn’t bandied at all. Rather, it was clarified, a general discussion took place in the meeting. 

Latterly in a Television talk show, a civil minister belonging to the PMLQ, Tariq Bashir Cheema, said that the issue of a no- trust stir wasn’t bandied in the meeting.

The PMLQ leader added that his party leadership didn’t give any statement in support of the government and wondered who was spreading similar false stories. Cheema added that the party had given the accreditation of taking a decision to Pervez Elahi. The party has not yet taken any decision, he said, explaining that whenever a decision is taken, it would be blazoned through the media.

Contrary to what the government has been propagating through its spin croakers, the PMLQ issued a press release after the PM’s meeting with the Chaudhrys. The press release neither mentioned any word about the no- trust move nor assured any support to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Like the government, the opposition is also anxious to win the support of the PMLQ. They believe that the PMLQ’s support to the opposition would give the opposition’s move a great boost because of some strong comprehensions about the politics of the Chaudhrys.

According to opposition sources, if the PMLQ decides to support the no- trust move.

It would encourage numerous hedge- babysitters in the PTI to join the opposition. Interestingly. While both the government and the opposition are trying to win the support of the Chaudhrys.

The influential family from Gujrat is calmly sitting with their eyes fixed nearly differently.

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