Paper leak: Karachi matric board chairperson reveals details behind the controversy

Paper leak Karachi matric board chairperson reveals details behind the controversy

The paper leak controversy was caused Monday by the Physics paper being leaked to social media after candidates tried it.

Syed Sharaf Ali Shah, Chairperson of Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK). Stated that it was the primary responsibility of central control officers (CCOs), to distribute the papers at the exam centers.

Shah explained that the CCOs failed to arrive at the hub in time to collect exam papers. According to Shah, this was because the CCOs failed to arrive at the hub to collect the exam papers. The board staff had to deliver them to the exam centers, which led to the delay.

Shah stated that it appeared as though the CCOs were part of the conspiracy and added that they would no longer be fulfilling this duty.

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“The CCOs orders were canceled. He said that the CCOs orders have been canceled. That the superintendents would collect the papers from the hubs to deliver them to the exam centers.

Shah stated that the board also increased the number of hubs from 11 – 18 in order to guarantee timely delivery of papers.

He stated that the paper had been leaked because of administrative errors. The chairperson of the matric board said that he would create a mechanism to prevent the paper from leaking in the future.

The board chairperson spoke out about cheating practices. He stated that Rangers personnel deployed at examination centers over the past two years had significantly reduced the “copy culture”.

He said, “This time the presence of teachers and police at the examination centers has allowed for the copy culture.”

The paper-leak controversy

News reports that the questionnaire was also made available at the examination centers after just four minutes. This exposes the weaknesses in government administration and lax control.

Reports indicated that paper began late at some examination centers in Karachi, and students and parents were upset about the situation.

The board responded to these reports by announcing. Those students will be allowed to finish their papers within the two-hour time limit.

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Shah, the chairperson of the Matric Board, stated that 348.249 students had registered for the ninth grade as well as matric exams in the science and general group.

There are 438 examination centers. 185 were set up in public schools, and 253 in private schools. 201 centers are for females and 237 for males.

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