PM Imran Khan calls Amir Liaquat to congratulate on his third wedding

PM Imran Khan calls Amir Liaquat to congratulate on his third wedding

Amir Liaquat Hussain, a PTI MNA and television personality who has been receiving media attention. After announcing his third wedding and thanked the PM Imran Khan for congratulating him on his wedding.

Amir Liaquat got married to Syeda Dania Shah, an 18-year-old woman from South Punjab, just a day after his second wife had confirmed that she had applied for the khula (divorce) from his.

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In a post on the social media platform, Hussain said he is “grateful to the premier who gave [me] a phone call and congratulated on [my] wedding. Thank you prime minister.”

The PTI MNA Amir Liaquat has always been at the forefront of attention. Because of his controversial remarks and on-air remarks during TV shows, as well as his private life. He it was again the talking point of the town after the latest developments in relation to his wedding.

Hussain’s third wedding has drawn criticism, but he’s taken a strong stand following the news.

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His tweets and replies have been retweeted numerous times on Twitter as well as posting more than 13 times to Instagram.

Within a few hours of the announcement the politician posted on Instagram to slam his critics by posting “Jalo” (burn).

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