PM Imran Khan tests coronavirus positive

PM Imran Khan tests coronavirus positive

ISLAMABAD: PM Imran Khan has tested coronavirus positive, SAPM Dr Faisal Sultan confirmed on Saturday.

The SAPM said that the prime minister has quarantined himself at home.

It is pertinent to note that PM Imran had got himself vaccinated on Thursday.

Separately, PM’s aide Shahbaz Gill said the premier has mild fever and a cough.

“Thank God his symptoms are not severe. May the Almighty bless him with quick recovery.”

He also requested to not link the matter with vaccination as immunity  develops after  a few days.

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‘PM might have gotten infected  before getting vaccinated’

While speaking to Geo News, Dr Abdul Bari Khan said that the premier might have been exposed to someone having COVID-19 symptoms before the vaccination.

“The virus multiples in five to six days,” he said.

While responding to another question, Dr Bari said antibodies  are developed after a couple of weeks and that’s why China’s Sinopharm is a double dose   vaccine. 

“And anyone can be  tested positive  despite being vaccinated. It is normal and there are such cases that people are infected afterwards,” he added.

Dr Bari said  the efficacy of vaccines is 80%, 90% and there are chances that those who have gotten the jab may be infected but the  intensity of the disease would be mild.

“It is proven that if you are vaccinated you won’t be ill severely ,” he said.

To a question, Dr Bari  said because the prime minister is a healthy person he would hopefully recover soon and there won’t be severe symptoms.

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The premier had spent busy days and visited Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and attended several meetings at the PM Office.

Who did PM Imran Khan meet in the last two days?

The prime minister spent busy days during which he visited Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and chaired important meetings.

He inaugurated a housing project in Islamabad on the same day he got vaccinated. His aide on Overseas Pakistanis Zulfi Bukhari was among the government officials attending the event.

After that, PM Khan also met the Kuwait foreign minister.

On Friday, PM Khan visited the Swat Motorway where Federal Communications Minister Murad Saeed and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan were also present.

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