Recent Wildfire Could Have Destroyed Forest Area From Monal to QAU

Recent Wildfire Could Have Destroyed Forest Area From Monal to QAU

A recent fire that was set to Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) along with Haripur could have destroyed thousands of acres of timber area from Monal Restaurant to Quaid-e-Azam University had it not been for the timely action by the applicable authorities.

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It was revealed by the Director of Capital Development Authority (CDA) Environment Wing, Irfan Niazi. During a recent briefing given to the members of the Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change.

According to details, several youthful boys lately recorded themselves setting fire to MHNP in the Haripur area. Which neighbors Islamabad as well. The videotape went viral and drew wrathfulness from social media druggies.

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An FIR against the culprits was filed and they were charged under applicable terrain protection laws. They’ve been arrested and the police have attained their remand, with farther disquisition advancing at a nippy pace.

In another separate incident, a videotape involving a notorious model. TikToker Dolly, shooting a promotional videotape with a large area along with Hazara Motorway on fire went viral on social media platforms.

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Social media druggies were quick to condemn the TikToker for venturing. the natural niche of catcalls and creatures, forcing her to take down the videotape from all of her social media accounts.

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