‘Resignations deadline ends at 12 midnight’: Shibli

'Resignations deadline ends at 12 midnight': Shibli

Resignations deadline ends at 12 midnight: On Thursday, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz reminds the Opposition that today is the “deadline” for lawmakers to hand in their resignations to parliament.

“The deadline for resignations ends at 12 midnight,” he wrote in his tweet. He also wrote that “the two N-League Members of the Assembly who had submitted resignations to the National Speaker pulled out as soon as they were called to verify them”.

The information minister said 2020 was quite difficult year across the globe. Coronavirus pandemic has destroyed economies.

“Under Imran Khan’s leadership, Pakistan emerged from the challenge. We accorded importance to both health and the economy,” he added. He added that the “smart lockdown” strategy employed by Pakistan was praised internationally.

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