UN Chief Antonio Guterres sworn in for second term vows to learn from Coronavirus Pandemic

UN Chief Antonio Guterres sworn in for second term vows to learn from Coronavirus Pandemic

UN Chief Antonio Guterres has been sworn in Friday to get a second term as head of earth human body, promising to draw the lessons of the mortal Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our greatest challenge and is at the same time our best possibility will be always to use this tragedy to turn into the tide. Pivot towards a universe that learns lessons”.

This, Guterres added, could consist of promoting an “only green and sustainable healing”. That shows how forward” through increased and effective international collaboration to deal with global problems .”

Guterres added that it would be crucial to”create prevention and preparedness from the broad sense of the words a priority in the international system”

Speaking in a press conference following the service, Guterres whined that”in many lessons. We learned, probably the most crucial lesson is that lonely we can do nothing. The absolute most essential lesson is the fact that people need to reconstruct solidarity and hope “

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken congratulated Guterres saying. His country looked forward to”continuing our solid and constructive relationship” with the secretary-general.

Worldwide issues”demand a collaborative, powerful, and results-oriented pioneer in the un secretariat. Therefore, also we have that in Antonio Guterres,” Blinken additional.

However, The 193-member General Assembly had declared a settlement extending Guterres’ long-term, instead of taking a vote.

The UN Security Council, in an important period from the nomination process, gave its blessing on June 8 to the re-appointment of this 72-year-old. Who’d served as UN High Commissioner for Refugees between 2005 and 2015?.

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