US’Thankful’ into Pakistan for Hard acquittals in Daniel Pearl case

Daniel Pearl case

US Thankful into Pakistan: The courtroom in April turned the death sentence given to Sheikh at a seven-year prison sentence as well as acquitting additional three suspects — Fahad Naseem, Salman Saqib, and Sheikh Adil — previously given life sentences.

But, the Sindh government has opposed Sheikh’s launch, saying it might endanger the people. He was to stay in custody before the different appeals in the government and Pearl’s parents from the Supreme Court are solved.
The verdict was declared on an appeal from the family of Sheikh contrary to his detention regardless of the acquittal. In its verdict, the court ordered the immediate release of Sheikh along with other suspects but stated their titles be added into the Exit Control List (ECL).

The guys were in rotting in prison for 18 years without committing any offense, the judge stated.
“We know that Pakistani police are taking measures to make sure that Omar Sheikh stays in custody while the Supreme Court appeal seeking to reinstate his certainty carries on,” a statement issued by the office of acting US Attorney General Jeffrey A Rosen stated.

“The different judicial rulings Placing his conviction and ordering his discharge would be an affront to terrorism victims “
“We remain thankful for the government’s activities to appeal these rulings to make sure he and his co-defendants are held liable. If, however, those attempts don’t succeed, the United States stands prepared to take custody of Omar Sheikh to stand trial ” Pearl, 38, the South Asia bureau chief for its book was abducted on January 23, 2002, at Karachi and beheaded another month, allegedly by Al-Qaeda. Sheikh was convicted of assisting lure Pearl into a meeting in Karachi where he had been kidnapped.

Before his own kidnapping, the journalist was exploring the connection between allegedly Pakistan-based militants and Richard Reid, the infamous”Shoe Bomber” who tried to blow up a flight from Paris to Miami with explosives concealed in his sneakers.

In July 2002, after the hearings, an anti-terrorism court (ATC) at Hyderabad had sentenced to death Sheikh and lifestyle span to additional co-accused. But, all four convicts had transferred to the SHC in 2002 challenging their convictions.

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