Zong Packages Call, SMS & Internet – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Bundles

Zong Packages Call, SMS & Internet - Daily, Weekly & Monthly Bundles

Zong Daily Packages

Zong is one of the five major networks in Pakistan. Zong’s coverage uses data that has been crowdsourced by its users. Zong is completely impartial, and all services are based on real-world network coverage. Zong provides network access for 2G, 3G, and 4G users. Zong’s speed and offers are exceptional on all its local networks. Zong is the fourth largest 4G operator in China thanks to the ownership, research, and investment by China Mobile, which happens also to be the 4th biggest telecom operator worldwide.

China Mobile has committed $2.5 billion to Zong’s growth and productivity. Zong is now the number-one mobile company in China. In a very short time, Zong was number 1. Zong offers numerous daily calls, SMS, and internet packages that include other incentives.

Zong Perfect Package and Zong Full Gup are the most popular call packages on a daily basis. Zong offers affordable SMS packages such as Zong Prepaid Daily SMS + Whatsapp Package and Zong Daily Zulu Text Package which are both extremely useful and affordable. Zong also provides the fastest internet speeds. Zong Daily Basic, Premium Basic, and Zong Daily Zulu SMS Packages are popular internet packages.

Zong Weekly Packages

Zong is a leader in the field of cost-effective, world-class services. Zong is leading and creating the best “4G communication” ecosystem for Pakistani citizens that allows them to connect anywhere, anytime.

Zong’s performance-driven culture, and efforts to work hard and take the appropriate actions to achieve positive results for the country as well as the company, are a testament to Zong’s commitment to excellence. Zong creates a positive customer experience, making customers and employees happy while maintaining high quality standards. Zong is honest, hardworking, and trustworthy in doing the right thing for their business. They also take responsibility for their actions and their results.

Customers can choose from a variety of internet, SMS, and weekly call packages. Zong offers Prepaid Weekly Call Packages such as the Shandaar Haftawaar Offer and Weekly Unlimited Offer. Prepaid and postpaid customers can enjoy Zong packages that allow them to stay in touch with loved ones. Customers use the Weekly SMS Package most often. Customers use Monthly Mini 150 and Monthly premium 3GB internet packages most often.

Zong Weekly Packages

Zong is the largest 4G user base, with up to 5,000,000 4G subscribers. China Mobile Pakistan, one of the most important telecommunications companies in Pakistan and China, was founded the company in 2008. The network’s internet services have been its main focus since its inception. This has helped it to rise above other networks in Pakistan.

Zong offers the best monthly bundles, keeping in touch with its customers’ needs. Zong Monthly Mini 3G/4G Package is the most requested monthly package. Customers can now get 150MBs and a validity of 30 Days. To activate this offer, dial *6464#. Zong offers a monthly deal for IMO lovers. Enjoy 2GB of data on the IMO App and keep in touch with loved ones throughout the month. Call *466# for this limited-time offer

Zong also offers Super Duper bundles that offer more services all in one! Zong Shandaar Monthly package offers 1,000 On-Net minutes and 100 Off-Net Minutes, as well as 1,000 SMS and 1000 of mobile internet. This exciting offer is available by dialing *1000#. To learn more about the Zong monthly packages, dial *1000# from your Zong number. Be a part of Zong’s dream.

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